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Scott Poley

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Details

Instruments: Guitar / Pedal Steel / Lap Steel / Dobro / Mandolin / BV’s

Date of Birth: 24
June 1986

Height: 6ft 2

Hair: Short, Black
Musical Skills


Production, songwriting, musical direction, improvisation, learning by ear, lead
sheet arranging / chart production, Nashville number system, vocal / string


Pop, Rock, Country, Blues, Soul, Indie, Metal, Bluegrass, Electronic, Classical

Major Achievements
Production: 2 solo albums featuring members of the Liverpool Philharmonic
Orchestra, Albert Lee, Oz Noy, Garry Christian (The Christians), John ‘Rabbit’
Bundrick (The Who / Free), Cara Luft, Polly Barrett “Probably Me” (Times Folk
Album of 2014), Run Out The Guns “Powder and Shot”,
Musical Director for Jon Walmsley, Kevin Montgomery, Cara Luft, Dave Sharp
(The Alarm), House band at Eric’s Liverpool.
Musician: Cherry Ghost, Joe Topping & The Vagrant Kings, Kevin Montgomery,
Liam Frost, Cara Luft, Mike Ward (The Voice Finalist), Swinging Blue Jeans,
Don Gallardo, Scott Whitley Quartet, Lauren Housley, member of the in house
band at Parr Street Studios. 

Theatre / Productions: Guitar, Bass, Keyboards for Greenwich theatre’s
pantomimes since 2007, Lead Guitar for Trevor Chance’s Legends, Winters Tale
& Hair (Paul McCartney Auditorium)

Composer / Songwriter: Native Instruments (Audio Demonstrations), Music for
Alton Towers, Co written in Nashville, USA with Pam Rose, Bruce Bouton,
Tommy Harden, Suzahn Fiehring, Mark Narmore.

Tuition: Specialist Tutor at LIPA, Aintree School of Music. Meols Cop High


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