Silhouette Reflection Lesson Plan Template


Silhouette Reflection
 Large pieces of butcher
Length of lesson:
 Crayons or markers
20-30 Minutes
Discussion Summary:
1. Prepare large pieces of butcher paper
Girls ages 8 to 12 are physically and
developmentally changing as they mature and go
long enough to fit participant’s bodies.
through puberty. As young people begin to form
2. Begin by explaining that today
their sense of self and their own opinions during
participants will be thinking about all the
their impressionable pre-teen years, they are
good things they think and see about
bombarded with messages from numerous
cultural and social influences, including their
each other. Remind them that
parents, family, siblings, friends, peers, teachers,
sometimes it is difficult to remember all
extra-curricular activity leaders, and the media.
the great things about you, especially if
Teaching young women to recognize admirable
people sometimes say mean things to
qualities in others, give compliments, and accept
you or about you. But sometimes other
compliments helps them maintain healthy
people can see positive things about you
friendships and can help them be proud of their
even if you have trouble seeing them or
own strengths, thereby resisting peer pressure,
remembering them.
avoiding friends who don’t treat them with
respect, and helping build self-esteem.
Give an example: “Theresa may not
Recognizing and being proud of your strengths is
know it, but I think she is brave and
different from bragging or believing you are
smart for asking questions during Girls
perfect. Even if there are many things you may
Only!.” Explain that today they will be
want to change about yourself, focusing on your
giving each other compliments or saying
positive qualities or those you don’t want to
nice things about each other. Remind
change is a powerful exercise in building
them that telling someone something
confidence. Teaching young people to love
themselves and value their bodies, especially as
nice about how they look, something
they mature through puberty, helps them navigate
they did, or something they created
pressures and difficulties they face as they enter
makes them feel good. Just think about
the last time someone gave you a
Discussion Question:
compliment and how it made you feel!
What do you admire about your
Tell them it also makes you feel good to
give a compliment because it makes
someone else feel good! Explain they will


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