Third Grade Summer Reading List Template


Third   G rade   S ummer   R eading   L ist  
1.     E ach   s tudent   i s   r equired   t o   r ead   a t   l east   t wo   ( 2)   b ooks   f rom   t he   l ist   b elow.      
2.     C hoose   o ne   o f   t he   b ooks   y ou   r ead   a nd   c omplete   o ne   b ook   r eport.      
3.     W rite   t he   n umber   o f   p ages   n ext   t o   t he   t itle   o f   e ach   b ook   y ou   r ead.  
4.     Y ou   a re   e ncouraged   t o   r ead   m ore   t o   e nhance   r eading   s kills!  
5.     P lease   t urn   i n   y our   o ne   b ook   r eport   a nd   t his   p age   w ith   t he   t otal   o f  
books/pages   t hat   y ou   r ead   o n   t he   f irst   d ay   o f   t hird   g rade!   J    
The   U gly   D uckling  
Anderson,   H ans   C hristian  
Mr.   P opper’s   P enguins  
Atwater,   R ichard   T upper  
Miss   H ickory  
Bailey,   C arolyn  
Freckle   F ace  
Blume,   J udy  
Shoeshine   G irl  
Bulla,   C lyde  
The   F amily   U nder   t he   B ridge  
Carlson,   N atalie  
Henry   H uggins  
Cleary,   B everly  
James   a nd   t he   G iant   P each  
Dahl,   R oald  
Daniel   B oone  
Daugherty,   J ames  
The   M atchlock   G un  
Edmonds,   W alter   D .  
The   H undred   D resses  
Estes,   E leanor  
Bully   F or   Y ou,   T eddy   R oosevelt!  
Frits,   J ean  
The   W ind   i n   t he   W illows  
Grahame,   K enneth  
From   T he   M ixed-­‐Up   F iles   O f   M rs.   B asil   E .   F rankweiler   Konigsburg,   E .L.  
Ben   a nd   M e:   A   N ew   a nd   A stonishing   L ife   o f   B enjamin  
Lawson,   R obert  
Franklin   a s   W ritten   b y   H is   G ood   M ouse,   A mos,   L ately  
Pippi   L ongstocking  
Lindgren,   A strid  
Sarah,   P lain   a nd   T all  
MacLachlan,   P atricia  
Homer   P rice  
McCloskey,   R obert  
The   B orrowers  
Norton,   M ary  
Mrs.   F risby   a nd   T he   R ats   o f   N imh  
O’Brien,   R obert   C .  
How   t o   E at   F ried   W orms  
Rockwell,   T homas  
Encyclopedia   B rown,   B oy   D etective  
Sobol,   D onald   J .  
Spyri,   J ohanna  
Abel’s   I sland  
Steig,   W illiam  
Charlotte’s   W eb  
White,   E .B.  
Trumpet   o f   t he   S wan  
White,   E .B.  


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