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APSO Description and Release
Since 1978, students have impacted the College Board’s national advisory structure of the College Board through their participation in
the Advisory Panel on Student Opportunity (“APSO”). Throughout this time, they have demonstrated the importance of student
perspective to the staff, and to the other councils and committees on which they serve.
We are looking for students who will be high school juniors in the 2014–15 school year. Students serve a three-year term, generally
ending their participation after their first year of college.
Potential student panel members should be interested in education and community affairs. They should be comfortable with and
respectful of peers from different backgrounds. As they will represent the student perspective from across the county, students who are
insightful, outgoing, and articulate seem to find the most benefit from this experience. Students must be able to travel
independently several times a year without negatively impacting their studies or other extracurricular activities.
APSO members are expected to commit to the following:
Attend two annual APSO meetings (National Forum in October and AP Annual Conference in July).
After the first year, panel members are asked to attend additional assigned committee or council meetings in December and
in May.
Continued membership on the APSO is contingent upon regular meeting attendance.
All conference fees, travel and lodging expenses will be paid by the College Board.
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