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Mail receiving and forwarding from Las Vegas
With our Federally Registered U.S. mail forwarding service, you can use our Flamingo Road street address in Las
Vegas. The cost for Standard service is $120.00 per year (Periodic service is $168.00 per year). You pay postage
only—with no additional “per piece” fees. An initial $20.00 postage deposit is required.
Terms and conditions
1. 1
class & pre-sorted 1
class letter type mail is forwarded daily, Monday thru Friday.
2. Up to 100 pieces of mail a month is included.
3. Local pickup is not available.
4. Parcels are not accepted.
Flat Envelopes from Fedex /UPS received only if they do not require a signature.
6. Magazines, catalogs, and junk mail will be discarded.
7. Certified mail will incur a special handling fee of $5.00.
, somewhere in the address. “In care of” is acceptable; e.g.,
Mail must contain the account name below
if the name on the account is ABC Inc, the address may read ABC Inc., “In care of Jim Smith”.
The address you will use is 2235 E. Flamingo Road, Suite 100-D, Las Vegas NV 89119. We will notify you if
your postage deposit gets low. If postage deposit falls below zero, mail forwarding may be suspended. Afer your
account is activated, you will receive U.S.P.S. form 1583. Please complete and return to us within 30 days.
Account name:
Your name:
Address we will forward your mail to if different from above:
Customer authorizes this purchase to be charged to the credit card below in the amount indicated and understands; the term of service is for
one year, and except for postage deposits on account, the base fee is not refundable or pro-ratable. Customer also agrees to comply with U.S.
Postal regulations and acknowledges that the U.S. Postal service cannot accept address change applications—customer would be responsible
for notifying senders of any change of address.
Standard daily mail service
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $140.00
($120.+ $20.)
Priority periodic mail service
as indicated in the box below . . . . . . . . . . . . . $188.00
($168. + $20.)
Tell us when to send the mail, e.g., Weekly, Bi-weekly, monthly, every Tuesday, etc.
Card number
Expires: MO
Last 3 numbers back of card
(American express is not accepted)
Cardholder signature_____________________________________________Date:__________________
Complete, print and sign, then fax, or scan and email.
or fax to: 702 944-9458
P.O. Box 70477, Las Vegas NV 89170
Email to:
or Mail:


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