Form F4101 Cfd - Conditional Vehicle Registration Transfer Application

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Conditional Vehicle Registration
Transfer Application
Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995
This form is in two parts, A and B. The acquirer and disposer must sign both parts.
Part A. Transfer Application must be completed in full and submitted to the Department of Transport and Main Roads by the acquirer.
Part B. Proof of Transfer/Notice of Disposal must be completed in full and signed by both the acquirer and disposer, and kept by the
disposer until the registration has been transferred.
The acquirer must submit Part A within 14 days of the vehicle’s acquisition together with:
• Evidence of Identity (EOI) is required at the time of making this application. Personal identification, for example, Queensland
Driver Licence or business/company/organisation identification. Refer to the separate Evidence of Identity Information Sheet
(F4362) or for requirements.
Note: If the vehicle is to be registered in joint names both parties must provide suitable personal
• Proof of Queensland garage address (to confirm that the address exists – Queensland Driver Licence, property rates notice, gas,
phone or electricity account). Non-permanent residents please enquire at the department.
• Gas Certificate – if applicable. For more information about Gas Certificates, please refer to the Gas Certificate Requirements and
Exemptions section of this form.
• A transfer fee will apply.
• Pro-rata registration fee may be payable if the Disposer claimed a concession on the vehicle’s registration.
• Duty (if applicable) is payable. For more information about Conditional Vehicle Registration Duty Exemptions and the duty
payable, please refer to the duty information section on this form.
• A person who uses a conditionally registered vehicle must comply with all applicable conditions established for the vehicle and
detailed on the Vehicle Registration Notice. Information about the condition codes can be found in the Guideline for Conditionally
Registered Vehicles in Queensland (Form Number 17) available online at /transport/.
Note: It is an offence if the acquirer does not lodge a completed Conditional Vehicle Registration Transfer Application within 14 days of acquiring the vehicle. Penalties
may apply if you do not comply.
The disposer must:
• if the vehicle is fitted with gas fuel systems or other gas systems, provide the relevant certificate from an authorised gas installer.
The issue date of the certificate must not be more than three months before the date of disposal of registration (exemptions refer
to Gas Certificate Exemptions on this form).
• complete in full and keep Part B until the registration is transferred from their name.
Part A. Transfer Application: acquirer to complete and submit to the department
1. Registration details
Postal address (if same as street address write ‘as above’)
Is the vehicle’s registration current?
Any outstanding fees must be paid with
this application.
Email address
2. Vehicle details
Registration/Plate number
Does the above individual or organisation have a CRN?
Complete a New Customer Application (F3503).
Make, model and body shape (e.g. Case, Backhoe)
The registered operator above is: (tick one box)
VIN/Chassis/Engine number
Go to 5
Go to 7
3. The vehicle is to be transferred from:
Go to 6
Go to 7
Note: If registered in joint names, all disposers details must be completed
5. Is the vehicle to be transferred into two names?
First disposer’s details
Go to 7
Go to 6
Disposer’s CRN
6. Second registered operator’s details
The CRN is your Queensland Driver Licence number, Adult
Note: If the vehicle is being transferred to the name of a business/trust, you
Proof of Age Card number or your reference number issued
must nominate one proprietor/trustee of the business or trust as the second
by the department.
registered operator.
Do you have a CRN?
Disposer’s name
Complete a New Customer Application (F3503).
Second disposer’s details
(if applicable)
Full name
Disposer’s CRN
Disposer’s name
Email address
4. The vehicle is to be transferred to:
EOI is required for all acquirers.
7. Where will the vehicle be garaged?
(must be in
First Registered operator’s details
Full name and residential/business address
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