Fitt Formula For Body Composition


Part 2 – Lecture Notes
FITT Formula for Body Composition
F - (Frequency) - _________________________________________________________________________
I - (
___ __)__________________________________________________________________________
T – (_____ ___)__________________________________________________________________________
T-_(_______ _)___________________________________________________________________________
Not Progressing –( 1.25-1.75)
1. Define Body Composition:
2. Define Lean Body Mass:
3. What two factors can help you manage your weight loss
or weight gain_______________________?
Progressing –( 2.25-2.75)
1. Identify 3 Components of Lean Body Mass:______________
2. Now that you know your estimated Body Composition, what factors contribute to your % of body fats
3. Explain why fat is so important to our bodies and how we can’t live without it.
Proficient –(3.25-3.75)
1.Compare 2 of the body types that were described in the power point/lecture and support why one has an easier or harder
time gaining/losing weight considering the factors that are NON-controllable.
2. Compare cardio vs. weight training workouts and then Explain the benefits of each type for your body and how they affect
your body composition.
Advanced – (4.25-5)
1. Look at the Target Zones for Fat Control at the bottom of page 230.
 Why is a combination of diet and physical activity best for maintaining ideal levels of body fat ?
#2. You now have done three measurements for body composition. You have looked at the individual factors that affect
your body composition (Heredity, maturation, metabolism and diet and exercise) Write down your areas of weakness and
areas of strength. Develop a plan to increase lean body mass or decrease body fat depending on your individual goals and
. (If you need more room use bottom of page 1 if
body fat levels now. Remember to use the FITT formula


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