Deposit Refund Signature Form


Tenants: ________________________________________________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________
Lease Expiration: __________________________
Dear Tenants:
The lease period for your rental property is almost up and we are now in the process of getting
ready for move-out time. It is our goal to do the necessary bookkeeping and get the deposits out to
you as soon after the lease ends as possible. However, dealing with several different checks, which
are each sent to different addresses, can delay getting the deposit refunded properly. It is also
difficult for us to know how much the deposit is intended to be split up by you, the tenants. To avoid
these situations,
to the person of your choice. It will then be up
to all of you to split up the total amount refunded as you wish.
Please use this form to indicate whom you have chosen and verify that all of you understand
and agree to this choice by signing below. It is important that this form be completed and turned
prior to your move out date. Please call the office 3 to 4 days prior to your vacating, if you wish to to
schedule a pre-move-out inspection of the property. Additionally, please review our CLEANING
GUIDE. This form should be reviewed prior to your cleaning so that you will have an understanding of
what condition we expect the unit to be returned to us.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
Person to whom deposit check shall be issued: __________________________________
Address check shall be sent to:
Phone number:
) ________ - ____________
Verifying signatures:
*** ALL tenants’ signatures
are required for timely return
of a security deposit.***
(Signatures will be verified
with proper identification)
JDR Real Estate Services Inc. ▪ 1411 Marsh St. Ste. 207
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 ▪ (805) 781-3595 ▪ (805) 781-3093 (fax)


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