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LongMeadow Stud Service & Breeding Contract
LongMeadow Stud Dog Name:____________________________
LongMeadow Stud Dog AKC Registration Number:___________
LongMeadow Agent:____________________________________
Bitch Name:___________________________________________
Bitch AKC Registration Number:___________________________
Bitch Owner/Agent:______________________________________
This is a breeding agreement between the above named Stud Owner/Agent and the above named Bitch
Owner. For Natural Breedings, the stud fee shall be $____, half-payable at the time of breeding and the
remaining balance due upon the whelping of the above bitch. For Fresh/Chilled or Frozen semen
Breedings, the stud fee shall be $____, the payable remaining balance due upon the whelping of the
above bitch- see section B.
The contact is valid for the Stud Service selected and initialed by the Bitch Owner:
*Bitch owner please initial all desired options ~
_____ Option A: Natural Breeding
_____ Option B: Artificial Insemination using fresh/extended fresh semen
_____ Option C: Artificial Insemination using shipped fresh/chilled semen
_____ Option D: Artificial Insemination using shipped frozen semen
The Stud Fee is payment of the Stud Service only, and is not to be construed as a guarantee of puppies
surviving the whelping. One (1) or more live puppies constitutes a litter. In the event no litter is produced
or is lost within the first ten (10) days a repeat breeding at the bitch's next heat will be provided at no
additional charge of a Stud Fee. Bitch owner will provide Stud owner a pedigree, and a copy of the AKC
registration. OFA and CERF certificates are required; DNA (PRCD) certificates are also suggested but
not required by the Stud owner. A photograph of the Stud will be provided to the Bitch Owner if
Immediately prior to breeding, the Bitch Owner will provide the Stud Owner with a current certificate
signed by a veterinarian or a certified laboratory, certifying the bitch to be clear of brucellosis. The Bitch
Owner certifies that the bitch has not been bred to any other male dog during this heat cycle, and that
utmost care will be taken to insure that she is not bred to any other male dog after this service has been
provided, and that the puppies will be given proper care.
The Stud Owner is not required to sign the AKC Litter Registration papers until such time as the Stud Fee
and all reimbursable expenses due the Stud Owner are paid in full by the Bitch Owner.


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