Application For An Aliens Passport Sweden

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Received by Swedish mission abroad
Received by the Swedish Migration Agency
Application for an alien's passport
Filled in by the Swedish Migration Agency
Dossier number
You can use this form to apply for an alien’s passport. If you do not have any documents that will serve as a passport
and do not have possibility of obtaining one, the Swedish Migration Agency can issue an alien’s passport in certain
cases. This applies, for example, if you have been given a residence permit in Sweden on the grounds of protection
against authorities in your home country and therefore cannot contact them to obtain a passport.
Guardians can also use this form to apply for an alien’s passport on behalf of a child that is under 18. Normally, one or
both the child’s parents are the guardians but a trustee or specially appointed custodian can also be a guardian. As the
guardian, you fill in and sign the application. You must also send the form "Consent for the Swedish Migration Agency to
issue an alien's passport for a child under the age of 18" (form 247011).
For a single journey to or from Sweden you can apply for an emergency alien's passport instead, using form 193011.
Please note that you must submit your application in person, filled in, at one of the Migration Agency offices or at a
Swedish mission abroad. Remember that everybody applying for an alien's passport must come to the office, including
For more information, please go to
1. Personal data
Family name
Previous surname, if any
First name
Date of birth (year, month, day, extra numbers)
Height in centimetres
Current nationality
Previous nationality, if any
Place of birth
Country of birth
2. Current address and telephone number
Postal code and place
E-mail address
Telephone (daytime)
3. Have you had a passport before?
Yes (continue to fill in information about your last passport under question 3)
No (go to question 5)
Type of passport (ordinary passport, diplomatic passport or travel
Passport number
Date when passport was issued
Passport issued by
Additional information about a previous passport, such as whether you have had more than one passport.
NB: Please attach photocopies of pages in your passport that include your personal details, photo, visa,
residence permit and official stamps.


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