Five-Day Notice To Pay Rent Or Quit Template


Landlord’s Name
Tenant(s) Name(s):
City, State
Zip Code
Zip Code
Date of Service:
Manner of Service: [ ] Personal
[ ] Substituted/Mailing
[ ] Posting/Mailing
PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that you are in default in payment of rent for the above described premises in the sum of
$__________________________________ for the period commencing from
to ___________________. Rental
payment(s) became delinquent on
Your failure to pay rent, leave the premises, or contest this Notice within five (5) judicial days
may result in the landlord applying to
the Justice of the Peace of the
Township for an Eviction Order.
If the Justice of the Peace determines that you are guilty of an unlawful detainer, the Justice of the Peace may thereupon issue a
summary order to remove you from, or provide for your non-admittance to, the above described premises that directs the constable or
sheriff of this county to remove you within 24 hours after receipt of the order.
The tenant is hereby advised of his right to contest this Notice by filing, with the Justice of the Peace of the
Township, an Affidavit stating that he is not in default in the payment of rent.
The tenant may also file an Affidavit requesting relief from the above referenced Justice of the Peace, pursuant to Nevada
Revised Statute (NRS) 118A.390, if the landlord has unlawfully removed the tenant from the premises or has excluded the
tenant by blocking, or attempting to block, the tenant’s entry upon the premises; or if the landlord willfully interrupts or
causes or permits the interruption of an essential service required by a the governing rental agreement or chapter 118A of
The Justice of the Peace is located at
___________________________________. The Affidavit must be filed with the Court no later than noon on the fifth
full judicial day following the date of service. The Affidavit may be accessed at the Nevada Supreme Court Self-Help Center
at its website at
On __________________, I served this Notice in the following manner (select one):
[ ]
By delivering a copy to the tenant(s) personally, in the presence of a witness (the server, witness, and tenant must all sign a
copy of the notice);
(type or print witness’ name)
(witness’ signature)
Tenant’s Signature
[ ]
Because the tenant(s) were absent from their place of residence or from their usual place of business, by leaving a copy with
__________________________, a person of suitable age and discretion, at either place and mailing a copy to the tenant(s) at their
place of residence or place of business;
[ ]
Because the place of residence or business could not be ascertained, or a person of suitable age or discretion could not be
found there, by posting a copy in a conspicuous place on the property, delivering a copy to a person there residing, if the person could
be found, and mailing a copy to the tenant(s) at the place where the property is situated.
I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of Nevada that the foregoing is true and correct.
(type or print server’s name)
(server’s signature)
Judicial days do not include the date of service, weekends, or certain legal holidays.


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