W-2 & 1099 Filing Requirements (2013)


W-2 & 1099 Filing Requirements
As of: 8/20/13
State ID Number & Information
State ID
A valid State ID is 7 characters in length
How many digits?
A valid State ID is 15 characters in length
Standard Format?
Alpha-numeric, 036-123456789F-01, acceptable with or without dashes
Alpha-numeric, 11-1111-A, acceptable with or
without dashes
Yes, those tax types that have not been converted to a scannable format. Their ID
No or 'The exception is…'
Any Exceptions?
can range from 7 - 15 characters in length. See Pub. KS-1216.
Obtain a State ID
Specific forms/application required?
Complate Form CR-16, Business Tax Application, by paper or online at
Must complete Form 1234 to apply for a State
ID, or
Contact 555-555-5555 to apply for a State ID,
Contact phone number?
Contact the Department at 785-368-8222
Web-based application website?
online at https://
Complete the application or form on
Timeframe to obtain a State ID?
You should begin the application process 3 to 4 weeks prior to your start date.
Can take 4-6 weeks to process application for
State ID
The timeframe to receive your State ID will vary depending on the method used.
For example, if you come into the office or complete it online you can recieve it
same day but if you mail or fax the form in, it will take 2 - 3 weeks to process.
State ID Requirements
Must all businesses have a State ID?
Yes. All business are required to have a State ID, however there are a few
Yes or No. Please include any exceptions, such
as Sole Proprietors, Businesses with no
exceptions, such as US Governemt, State of Kansas, elementary schools, etc. For a
withholding, Household W-2 filers, etc.
complete list of these exempt from sales tax see, Pub. KS-1520. For more
information on those businesses are liable for sales/use tax see Pub. KS-1510.
Form Filing Requirements
State ID Number - Enter ID defined in Section A above and FEIN. Report Kansas
State ID Number - Enter ID defined in Section
Please define what should be entered
A above. FEIN is also acceptable.
wages and withholding in the state information boxes of the W-2 form. You must
into the following fields on a W-2 or
enter the complete Kansas Withholding Tax Account Number, 036-XXXXXXXXXF-
1099 form.
01, in the box for the “Employer’s state I.D. number” on the W-2. If you are
* State ID
completing a W-2 for an employee for whom you have withheld taxes for more
* State Wages
than one state, enter in the Kansas boxes only the wages and withholding
* State Withheld
applicable to Kansas.
Do we allow separate filings of KW3
annual reconciliations for W2s and
Do employers that issue 1099s without
KS withholding have to register with


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