Professional Employee'S Evaluation Report

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Professional Employee's Evaluation Report
(for period _____________________)
SL: _______________________________
Name: __________________________________________
College/Calendar Year: _______________
Department/Division: ____________________________________________________________________
Elements of performance program and other assignments emphasized during the period under evaluation:
Narrative Evaluation
The objectives of the performance program are to be reviewed. Comments should include, but not be
restricted to, the criteria (from the Policies of the Board of Trustees) listed below. Areas deserving special
acknowledgement or in need of improvement should be noted.
Effectiveness in Performance – as demonstrated, for example, by success in carrying out assigned duties and responsibilities,
efficiency, productivity, and relationship with colleagues.
Mastery of Specialization – as demonstrated, for example, by degrees, licenses, honors,s sdemo sne dtra,s,fxn fn rdxptmmfxnsl
Professional Ability – as demonstrated, for example, by invention or innovation in rdxptmmfxnslo myftn,fpfyo
seufnfm,ds,fcto xd ,tyinfysl sdtsmg fbtbo etctlxrutn, xd dtpfntutn, xp rdxvdsumo ut,ixemo rdxyteadtmo xd srrsds,amb


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