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NCFC 11/2011
Instructions for NCFC Electronic Recording
Transcript Request Form
Forms must be completed with black ink only, and printed legibly.
If your case was recorded by an electronic recording device, and you require a transcript of the minutes of
the proceeding(s), you will need to:
Select a transcription service,
Fill out and submit NCFC Electronic Recording Transcript Request Form to the Nassau
County Family Court.
The Nassau County Family Court will process your request and forward it to the transcription service provider
you designate on the form. You will need to arrange payment for the transcript directly with the transcription
A list of companies who provide transcription services can be viewed in Room 108 of the Nassau County
Family Court (see address below) and on the internet at:
These companies are not employed as transcribers by the Unified Court System; they are independent
contractors, and establish their own rates. Service providers on this list have agreed to have their transcripts
subject to random auditing by the court system and to follow the standard transcript specifications set forth in
the Rules of the Chief Administrator of the Courts. The list is provided for your convenience, and does not
constitute a recommendation.
Form instructions:
Print the name of the transcription service you want to use,
Print your name, address, and telephone number in the space provided,
Print the name of the petitioner, the respondent, and the judge/support magistrate/referee who
presided over the court proceeding(s).
Print the file number, docket number(s), and date(s) of the court proceeding(s) for which the
recordings are to be transcribed.
You must be an attorney of record or a party to the proceeding in order to obtain minutes of any family
court proceeding.
You may submit this request form either in person, or by mail or fax.
If you are submitting in person, notarization of form is not required; however, you must show
government issued photo identification upon submission.
If you are submitting by mail or fax, the form must be notarized- do not sign the form until you are in
the presence of a notary:
mail to:
Nassau County Family Court
1200 Old Country Road
Westbury, NY 11590
Attn: Records Department, Room B-8
fax to:
Fax Number: (516) 571-9320
Attn: Records Department, Room B-8
If you are the attorney of record, only a signature is required.


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