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Confidentiality and Information Sharing Guidelines
for Early Childhood Programs
A. Confidentiality
Parents/guardians should be aware that they have the authority to grant permission, or to
refuse to grant permission, for the sharing of relevant information regarding their child. Clear
procedures for ensuring confidentiality and the appropriate sharing of information in your
policy statements or parent handbook will help establish trusting relationships. Procedures
should be carefully explained and consistently followed, including a description of the
measures that may be taken if there is a breach of confidentiality or inappropriate information
Procedures for ensuring confidentiality and the appropriate release of information should be
reviewed with all staff and be part of the personnel policy and/or staff handbook (sample Staff
Confidentiality Agreement attached). In addition, potential measures or disciplinary
repercussions if confidentiality is breached should be reviewed with staff to assist them to
understand their role and the expectations of their employer. This will underline the
seriousness of their responsibility and will help ensure breaches are limited.
When required by law, there may be instances when staff are required to share information
without parent permission (e.g. duty to report suspected child abuse, police investigations
B. Informed Consent
Informed consent implies that when parents/guardians give consent to share information
about their child, they are aware of the following:
1. Who the information will be shared with
2. What specific information will be shared
3. The purpose of sharing the information
4. How the information will be used
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