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2. MFIPPA: The Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act applies to
all local government organizations, including municipalities, school boards, public utilities,
transit and police commissions, fire departments, conservation authorities, boards of health
and other local boards.
As of January 1, 1991 all municipal institutions are required to protect the privacy of an
individual's personal information existing in government records. The Act includes rules
regarding the collection, use, disclosure and disposal of personal information in the custody
and control of a municipal institution.
The Act also gives individuals the right to access municipal government information, including
most general records and records containing their own personal information, subject to very
specific and limited exemptions. As well, the Act provides individuals with the right to request
a correction of their personal information which they believe to be false or inaccurate and/or
to attach a statement of disagreement to their records.
3. PHIPPA: The Personal Health Information Protection Act, sets out rules for the collection,
use and disclosure of personal health information for Health Information Custodians operating
within the province of Ontario, and also allows individuals to request access to their own
personal health information held by these Custodians.
As of November 1, 2004 health information custodians are required to obtain consent in most
circumstances before they collect, use and disclose personal health information. Health
information custodian are defined as persons or organizations who have custody or control of
personal health information as a result of the work that they do or in connection with the
powers and duties they perform (e.g., Toronto Preschool Speech and Language, Hospital for
Sick Children).
Please Note – Community Child Care and Family Support Programs are not required to
comply with MFIPPA/PHIPPA
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