Summary Of Qualifications


Chronological Resume Template
Your Name
NOTE: Your heading is your brand; use
Street Address
one format for all headers including
City, State and Zip
resumes, cover letters, and references.
phone number and email address
These should be specific and objective things about yourself such as:
Three years’ management experience.
Top sales award recipient May 201X
Fluent in Spanish (Note: Only list languages if relevant to the position)
Proficient in business and financial software, including Excel
Name of School
City, State
Month and Year Earned
(or Month+Year Expected)
Degree Earned (include your major)
List highest degree 1
- List the expected graduation month and year for degrees in progress
List your GPA if above 3.0
Here you may also list offices held, honors, and accomplishments.
Relevant projects: You may want to include details of relevant class projects or fieldwork. Internships can go
under experience section. Be sure to use course name rather than numbers
It is best to only list schools from which you will earn a degree.
If you have completed or are currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree program, you do not need to list
Associates programs or your High School education.
Name of Company
City, State
Start - End Month/Year
Position Title
List all of your work experience starting with the most recent. Quantify results and accomplishments, not just
responsibilities held.
Keep resume to one page if possible. Use 10-12 point font and approximately one inch margins.
Use bullets to guide the reader to a new supporting statement about what you have done.
Start each new statement with an action verb and avoid using “duties were” or “responsible for.”
Employers will often scan for keywords in your resume that apply to the criteria in their job description.
Research jobs that interest you and use the relevant key words to support your experience.
Computer Skills: List software & skills, indicating level of profiency, e.g., Proficient in MS Word, etc. Languages:
List Languages spoken and level of proficiency, e.g., Fluent in Vietnamese and English
Note: If the only types of skills you will be discussing are computer skills or technical skills, let that be the name of the section.
Other possible sections: VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE
List organizations or clubs you belong to that relate to your job objective.
Include information that relates to the position or the interest of the company, i.e. running if you are applying
for a position with Nike, Adidas or Columbia Sportswear.
Note: Do not list references on your resume. Instead, bring a separate reference sheet to your interview


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