Sample Freshmen Thank You Letter


Sample Freshmen Thank You Letter
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Benefactor:
I am writing to convey how deeply grateful I am to have been selected as a recipient of the Mr. and
Mrs. John Q. Benefactor Scholarship. Since I first visited the campus over a year ago, I have wanted
to attend Boston College and become part of the community here. Because of your generosity and
support, my aspirations have been realized. My family and I thank you so much for giving me this
incredible opportunity.
Now that I am a freshman and am a part of the Boston College community, I am able to participate
in the great variety of activities and events that this school has to offer. I am a nursing major, and
have joined the Student Nurses Association, a group which sponsors various volunteer opportunities.
So far this year, we have helped at Rally for the Cure and made care cards for an organization that
distributes them to hospitals and nursing homes. One of my goals is to assume a leadership position
in the association in the future. For fun, I enjoy attending BC football games. They are always a lot of
fun and they give me a real sense of belonging to the community when we are all cheering on the
Even though I am new to campus, I have already met amazing people and made many friends. I have
been very blessed to have been assigned two fantastic roommates with whom I feel comfortable.
They are my best friends and we have had great times already. I also have become quite close with
many of my classmates. I am so lucky to have found such wonderful friends within this group.
My classes at BC have been very challenging, and have pushed me harder than I have ever had to
work before. However, I do find the work extremely rewarding. My favorite class is Introduction to
Philosophy, which is taught by Professor Jane Smith. Although it is not directly related to my major,
it is a core requirement and I have really enjoyed the course material. Professor Smith makes ancient
philosophy come alive, and it makes me happy that I chose a college based in the liberal arts because
I will receive a well-rounded education in addition to a specialized degree in nursing for my future
profession. At Boston College, I know I am receiving an extraordinary nursing education. I know that
what I learn here will take me very far in my career and in my life.
Thanks so much again for your generous scholarship. Your kindness has enabled me to find a home
at Boston College and to receive an excellent education. I will never forget your generosity. I would
not have been able to join clubs here, attend football games, take great classes, and make amazing
friends if it were not for the Benefactor Fund.
Gratefully yours,
Jackie J. Johnson 19


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