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School Volunteer Form
2015 - 2016
Would you like to get involved in your child’s education? One of the most satisfying ways to do that is to volunteer to help the school community.
Volunteering is a great way to meet teachers and fellow parents. We are always in need of moms and dads to assist us in day-to-day or
long range activities. Please consider the many opportunities listed below. Grandparents are also invited to join in the fun. We enjoy seeing
so many happy faces in our halls and involved in our family!
**Note: All volunteers must be Shield the Vulnerable certified**
Student’s Name(s)
Grade(s) of child(ren) in the fall of 2015______________
Name Mother
Father Name
Home/Cell: Mother
Occupation: Mother_______________________________ Father
r ____________________________________
Email: Mother
Talents & Interests
Please indicate if father (F), mother (M), both (B), or grandparent(s) (G) are interested in volunteering for a specific activity. As the particular
job or event nears, a chairperson or coordinator will contact you. “Training” is given where needed. If you have questions about what is
involved in a particular item, please call the school office. We will be glad to help you.
Race for Education – clerical help needed before, during or after school or help on race day
Book Fair – help needed for set up, cashier, break down
Development – clerical help needed with mailings, etc. during school day
Room “Mother” or “Father” (assist HR teacher with parties, trips, phone calls, etc.)
Two will be chosen per homeroom except Grade 8 will choose 3 per homeroom
Coordinator of Room Mothers/Fathers (Main contact person to disseminate information and to explain
responsibilities to Room Mothers/Fathers)
Print Room (1/2 a day AM or PM, weekly or twice a month; duplicating worksheets, class work, etc. Training provided.
User-friendly machine!!
Days preferred. M T W Th F
Milk Assistant (
11:30 to 12:30; scheduled once every few weeks, count out milk for rooms
Days preferred. M T W Th F )
Lunch/Recess Duty (help supervise, on the playground, or in the classroom during recess)
I am interested in _____ days per month. Please circle days preferred. M T W Th F
Recess is from 12:00 – 12:40 pm. Rain or Shine.
Classroom Coverage – Supervise a class for a period or two in case of teacher emergency.
Office Helpers – Available during school time to do odds-and-ends. (stapling, collating, etc.)
Technology Helper – Specify skills:____________________________________________
Hospitality Helper – run errands for and/or set table for gatherings or meetings
Must complete application, supply references and get fingerprinted. All subs are employees and receive compensation.
Health Suite Aide (RNs or LPNs only, please)
Substitute Teacher – Able to act as a substitute teacher if provided plans.


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