Sponsorship Proposal Template


Sponsorship can be integral to the marketing and promotion of your event. In preparing a formal
sponsorship proposal for prospective sponsors to consider, you should include all relevant information
relating to the event as well as the exposure the prospective sponsor may receive.
Information you need to include:
Sponsorship Checklist
Name of organisation responsible for event
Telephone number of contact person
Email Address
Position of contact person. (Make sure you nominate someone with authority to negotiate
on behalf of your group).
Explain the aims of your organisation and the event for which you are seeking
Provide information on your organisation’s background and history. (Include information
on the role of the group and current sources of funding).
Describe your organisation’s structure/operations (eg: paid/voluntary staff, registered
office, loaned space or home-based etc).
Say if your group has previously received sponsorship from this business – and identify
any other current or past sponsors.
Specify the target market for your event, expected numbers.
Provide a clear outline of what you are requesting of the sponsorship target.
Provide a clear outline of what benefits your potential sponsor can expect.
Detail all promotional avenues open to the sponsor including pre-event, during the event
and post event.
And remember – images tell a thousand words. Use any images you have of your event in your proposal
to help sell what you are offering.


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