Registered Nurse Cover Letter Template


9876 Pine Road • Some City, CO 56789
Phone: 555-432-1234 • Email:
<Organization Name>
<City, State Zip Code>
Dear <Title> <Name>:
It is with great anticipation that I present my résumé to you for a position as a Registered Nurse with
<Organization Name>. In addition to being in the healthcare profession for 15-years, I have also earned my
Colorado licensure as a Registered Nurse, and completed a Bachelor of Nursing Degree in Community Health as
well as a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology.
As a compassionate and versatile individual, I have taken on the roles of Registered Nurse and Public Health Nurse;
both of these positions have exposed me to a wide array of individuals, medical practices, and healthcare concerns.
I believe I possess a broad knowledge base and a well-rounded set of skills. My areas of expertise include, but are
certainly not limited to: life support services, ICU and CCU, medical assistance, intravenous therapy, emergency
procedures and follow-up counseling, community health workshops, care plan development, and patient and family
Some of my greatest relevant accomplishments include:
Providing in-service training: “How to Deal with Death and Dying and Help Grieving Family Members”.
Organizing a fundraiser that brought in more than $650,000 to buy advanced technology for the hospital.
occupational health and safety
by implementing Health and Safety in the Workplace programs
throughout the county.
Offering emergency care and support as a member of the Victim Services Unit.
My goal is to establish a nurturing and supportive facility, which promotes quality of life. I seek to provide my
patients with the best care, and will go the extra mile to make certain they remain happy and healthy.
Furthermore, I communicate with family members on a regular basis to ensure they are provided with up-to-date
information about their loved ones and are given the opportunity to consult with additional resources as necessary.
I welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how my extensive experience and skills would benefit your
medical institution. Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Paula Smith


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