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Dear <Title> <Name>:
I am pleased to present my résumé to you for a position as a Mechanical Engineer with <Company Name>. As a
seasoned professional with 15 years of engineering experience, I am confident in my ability to help you translate
your creative ideas into ground-breaking products and processes.
In addition to my hands-on engineering experience, I possess a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical
Engineering. Over the years I have become proficient in a number of key areas including, product design, process
improvement, manufacturing, root cause analysis, proactive problem solving, ISO and safety compliance, finite
element analysis (FEA), and multi-project coordination.
During my time as a Mechanical Design Engineer (2003-Present) and a Product Engineer (1994-2002) I have
realized a number of relevant accomplishments:
Creating a hydrogen fuel cell engine, thereby increasing fuel efficiency by 9.5%.
Designing a catalytic converter that reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 26%.
Playing a key role in establishing ISO 9001 approvals.
Transforming complex company concepts into innovative solutions, saving a major client approximately
$500,000 annually in production fees.
Developing an inexpensive and lightweight material that reduced company expenses by $350,000 per year,
while at the same time, increasing fuel efficiency of the vehicle by 7%.
Being a performance-driven and forward-thinking professional, I welcome the opportunity to meet with you to
discuss how my extensive experience and skills would benefit your company. Thank you for your time and
consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
George Anderson


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