Using The Memphis Scale


Using the Memphis Scale
The ‘Memphis Scale’ isn’t actually a scale but a way of playing. It has been given that nickname
due to the country style licks and sounds you can create. The idea is to play notes on two strings
(usually a string apart) and play around with positions that form sixths.
C Major Scale on the B & D strings
Positions in the Key of C
Example: Mark Knopfler in ‘In the Gallery’
MGL Tutor Guide Section
Material can last between 20-30 minutes depending on the skill level of the student.
Pre-lesson explanation (~1 minute)
Points to discuss with student before walking through content with
'My Guitar
 Before looking at this style of playing, the student should be familiar with basic improvisation.
Introduction to the Pentatonic Scale is an easy to way introduce improvisation to your student.
 The ‘Memphis Scale’ isn’t actually a scale. This is more like a nickname that people use to
describe the style. As explained later, this style of playing can be used with any scale so to avoid
confusion be sure to explain that it’s only a nickname when people refer to it as the ‘Memphis


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