Sample Thank You Letter


123 Main Street, Apt 11, Baltimore, MD 20111
555-555-5555 ♦
Tuesday, August 16, 2011
RE: Performance Management Program Manager
Chris Jones
ACME Consulting
1235 Elm Street, Suite 178
Baltimore, MD 23568
Thank you for taking the time to interview me last week for the Performance Management
Program Manager position currently available on your team. I understand from our
conversation that the permanent position was filled internally but that you may have use for
someone with my skills and abilities on a contract basis, potentially for up to six months but
with no guarantee of permanent placement.
I wanted to re-affirm my interest in this opportunity as I am aware of what a great company
ACME Consulting is, and am certainly prepared to prove myself if given the chance. As
discussed, I am also open to permanent positions in the S&O group as an outside consultant
and appreciate any assistance you can provide such as forwarding my resume to Laurie and
Thanks again for taking the time to visit with me about the opportunity and I welcome the
chance to visit with you in a personal interview to further discuss how my unique professional
experience, education, and proven skills could benefit ACME Consulting.
John Doe


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