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I acknowledge and agree that this Personal Training Contract is not transferable
or assignable. I acknowledge that payment is required for blocks of sessions in
advance of actual training sessions. I agree to pay in advance for training
sessions. I understand this money is not refundable. I understand this contract
and the terms it presents is for the purchase of sessions and any other purchase
of services in the future. I acknowledge that this specific contract, release of
liability, consent, and agreement is continuously valid indefinitely. No refund will
be granted for sessions that have not been completed. I understand that Natasha
Anderson Emery and TC Fitness have the right and the authority to terminate the
program at any time, with no refund, if I do not follow the program or fail to
conduct myself in an appropriate manner.
By initialing this document, I attest, contract, acknowledge, and agree that I am
legally bound by its content.
I acknowledge that there are no reduction fees for starting after the first session
of the program, or for missing a session(s). A session missed by the participant
cannot be made up at any other time or any other session. If TC Fitness has to
cancel a class, every attempt will be made to reschedule. However, if this is not
possible, there will be no reduction in the fees. It is my responsibility to attend
every boot camp or circuit session when they are scheduled. I understand that
appointments will begin and end promptly as scheduled. I acknowledge that any
delays to the start of a scheduled appointment will not be a cause of extend
provided service beyond the remainder of the scheduled time. I will not expect or
ask my trainer to run overtime. I understand that sessions run approximately one
hour unless otherwise stated. I acknowledge that a delay to a scheduled session
cannot change the status to anything else except a whole session. I understand
that there are no half sessions because of any delay. I recognize that all sessions
are outside in all types of weather including rain and snow and will only be
rescheduled if there is lightning.
By initialing this document, I attest contract, acknowledge, and agree that I am
legally bound by its content.
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