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InterOffice Memo
Name: __________________________________ Group: ________________
The Manager
Establishing business links with Italy
Thank you for agreeing to be part of our delegation to Italy, when the company will be on a fact-finding
exercise in order to increase the ‘authenticity’ of the advertising campaign which we are running. A
meeting with the supermarket takes place at the end of July, and our company is willing to fund two
further nights in the hotel to allow you to have free time with your colleagues over the weekend as a
team-building exercise!
Business meetings will be conducted in English, but I would like you to attend a crash course in Italian
so that you can cope with basic situations you may meet, either socially or functionally in your role as
representative of our company and as a tourist.
We are using The Ashcombe School as a base for our training. Since this is the first time we have used
a school as our trainer, we would like to be particularly rigorous in assessing its effectiveness in
teaching you with its state-of -the-art technology. We have therefore designed an 'assessment' sheet
which outlines the programme which we have agreed with The Ashcombe, and gives the group a score
out of 100 for its performance. We hope that the activities are of interest to you; we have included a
'fun' element of a game to motivate you further!
We hope that you enjoy the training and the experience of a trip to Italy.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.
Please enter your scores for the first session below. Enter your score on the group score card and return
this memo to your trainer at the end of the session.
Your Score
Trainer initial
Spell your surname and first name
Alphabet: timed test score
Numbers: Read (maximum score 5) or Memorise
5 / 10
(maximum score 10) - say numbers to your trainer
Numbers: timed test score
Basic Phrases: Read or Memorise - say phrases to
5 / 10
your trainer
Basic Phrases timed test score


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