Pre Baptismal Information Form


Dear Parents:
We look forward to your child’s upcoming baptism. It is such a special time when we
present a child to the Lord and ask Him to bring your son or daughter into the Catholic
Church and begin their initiation in the Catholic way of life.
Please read carefully the information in this packet. In order to get the preparation going
we would ask you to do the following:
___ Complete the enclosed Pre-Baptismal Information Form. Please be sure to provide
all of the information requested on the form. NOTE: If your child is not yet born you
can provide name and birth information later.
___ Attach a photocopy of the child’s birth certificate. NOTE: If your child is not yet
born you can provide this later.
___ Decide on godparents (see Role of the Godparents enclosed in this packet). Only one
godparent is necessary. Two are welcome. To serve as a Godparent the individual
must be a practicing Catholic. As long as there is one godparent, a non-Catholic
could also serve as a Christian “witness” at the Baptism. Have your godparents sign
and date the “Role of the Godparents” form and include with your Pre-Baptismal
Information form.
___ Include the $25 Baptism Seminar fee.
You can return the Form and the documents by mail, or drop them by our Office. Once
we have the information, a member of our staff will contact you regarding the Baptism
Seminar and setting a date for your Baptism. If you are preparing here but celebrating
the Baptism in another location, please let the staff member know that when they call.
The following staff members coordinate our Baptism process:
1. Suzie Malloy, Baptism Coordinator, ext. 111
2. Carol Carrier, ext. 137
Both can be reached through our main number: (480) 899-1990
May God bless you and your family during this special time.
Rev. John Coleman


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