Project Report Form


Project Report Form
General instructions for the fulfillment of the project report form
The purpose of the project report is to obtain authentication of applicant's personal project
management responsibilities and project management procedures that applicant has
applied in his/her project.
It is not required or expected that applicant discloses sensitive information or trade secrets
into the project report. All information will be treated confidentially, a separate non-
disclosure commitments are not given.
The reported project must be finished before the reporting date.
For each task describe asked thing the way you want in the space provided. You can also
copy here details from project plan or its attachments. Separate attachment files are not
NCB means National Competence Baseline 3.0 document (Projektin johdon pätevyys 3.0).
Applicant's name:
Applicant's role in this project:
Project's starting and closing dates:
1 Project's name and description (NCB 1.03)
Instruction: Describe the contents of the project chosen by you in one sentence.
2 Project management success (NCB competence element 1.01)
2.1 Content of project plan
INSTRUCTION: Copy here the project plan's table of content from the chosen
IPMA Level C, Projektiraportti
Sivu 1 (7)
v1.2 10/2012 (NCRG 3.1)


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