Sample Media Sponsorship Letter Template


Sample Media Sponsorship Letter
Dear ---
We are hoping (name of newspaper, radio or television station) will want to partner with
us in promoting National Volunteer Week in (community) on April XX-XX, 200X.
This week, is celebrated by 150 communities in Alberta and many more across Canada,
and is a way to recognize the many dedicated volunteers who contribute to our
communities. Our organization works with its community partners to promote awareness
of the many events and activities taking place in (community) that recognize and thank
our community volunteers during National Volunteer Week.
As a media sponsor, we would like your assistance in (airing/publishing) news stories,
public service announcements and event notices, advertising and other items of interest
that will help promote the week’s activities to your (listeners, viewers, readers).
In return, we will include your (newspaper’s, station’s) name and logo on all our
promotional material, such as: flyers, newsletters, website, event programs, news
releases, and advertising, and publicly in remarks at any special events. If useful, we
can also provide you with a charitable tax receipt.
Sponsorship isn't just a promotional tool for publicity and customer loyalty, it can also be
expected to generate good will and awareness at (name of newspaper, radio, or
television station).
Thank you for your consideration. We look forward to your reply and to a future potential
(name, title)
(contact information)
National Volunteer Week
Revised 2009


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