Sample Refund Request Letter Template


Refund Request Letter
Dear Customer,
It has come to our attention that you wish to request a refund for software purchased from PDF Complete (“PDFC Product”). You
understand that any such refund request must be made within 30 days of the purchase of the PDFC Product and that only PDFC
Products purchased directly from PDF Complete are eligible for a refund.
By supplying all of the information requested in this letter and consequently signing and dating this letter, you are indicating your
compliance with and acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth in this letter. Upon receipt of this executed letter by PDF
Complete, your license to use the PDFC Product will be immediately terminated. Further, if the PDF Product qualifies for a refund
and the request for refund is valid, PDF Complete will refund the purchase price of the PDF Product to the customer.
*This letter certifies that you have destroyed all your copies of the PDFC Product for which you are requesting a refund
including all copies of the PDFC Product that have been installed on a computer as well as all backups. You may not give away,
donate, or otherwise convey to any party the PDFC Product.
*To be completed by the customer:
Customer Name:
Product Name:
Purchase Date: (approximate)
Number of Licenses
Credit Card#: (Last 4 Digits)
to be Returned:
Mailing Address: (City, State, Postal Code)
Return Request Ticket Number:
Name on Credit Card:
(If applicable)
(First name)
(Last name)
Reason for the Return:
By signing this document, I agree with and accept the terms and conditions in this letter.
Printed Name____________________________
Please return this letter completed via fax, email, or postal service to the information provided below so we may process your
refund request as soon as possible. We are pleased to have you as a customer of PDF Complete and regret that our products
have not met your needs. If we can assist you in the future, please let us know.
U.S. Mail: PDF Complete, Inc.
Fax: 512-501-6342
Thank you,
550 Cub Drive, Ste 477
PDF Complete, Inc.
Montgomery, TX 77316


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