Argument-Opinion Letter Writing Check Off Sheet


Argument-Opinion Letter : Check off Sheet
A. Goal: to persuade the reader, prove an argument
B. Structure~ three parts to a persuasive argument
– 1. describe the benefits of the topic
– 2. address the concerns about the topic
– 3. reiterate the benefits of the topic
C. Keywords: therefore, because, however, on the other hand.
Clear and focused opinion
*Thesis is clear opinion
Strong main idea
*Consistent point of view is
Authentic, convincing
maintained in the letter
Main idea supported by detail and
*Factual evidence, examples,
evidence in the paragraphs
logical reasoning to support
Clearly answers the question
writer’s position
Includes a counter argument
Order works well
*Clearly addresses all
Structure evident
parts of process
Main idea
Strong lead paragraph
Strong transitions
Correct letter greeting and farewell
Enthusiastic, engaging
*Engaging, interesting
Tone and flavor suited to topic,
to read
audience, purpose
*Audience & purpose clear
Reaches to audience
*Counter arguments
Word Choice
Precise, vivid, natural
*Mature vocabulary
Word choice enhances the subject
*No overuse pronouns
Lively, appealing verbs
*Avoids get/got etc.
Words are not over used or repeated
Sentence Fluency
Rhythm, flow, cadence
*Complete sentences
Varied sentence length and structure
*Variety of beginnings
Purposeful sentence beginnings
*Variety of lengths & types
Minor errors
*Few grammar errors
Text appears edited
*Few spelling errors
Sufficient complexity
*Few punctuation errors
Pleasing layout
Ready to publish with minor touch-ups


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