Sample Resume Template


Resume template
[Title: Resume]
Full name
Contact details
Contact telephone number:
(area code) number
Mobile telephone number:
full number
Email address:
full address, case sensitive
Postal address:
Street number
City STATE Postcode
Career objective
[Give a short summary of the kind of work that you would like do
and the skills you would like to develop. Try to think of this job as
part of a career you would like to do for the next five to ten years]
[Give a short summary of your key skills and strengths.]
Employment history
[You might list all the jobs or voluntary work you have done. Or you
might just put down the jobs that will be most relevant to the
places you are applying for. List each job by the year you started
and the year you ended work there. Start with the most recent job
you have held]
[month year-month year]
[Name of the store]
[Indicate if it was work experience]
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