Performance Evaluation


Performance Management Plan
A performance evaluation is one of the ways a Supervisor or Manager may communicate how an
employee’s performance compares with Goodwill’s expectations.
Performance evaluations may be communicated in writing or verbally, depending upon the situation.
Supervisors and Managers are encouraged to give feedback to employees on a frequent, ongoing
basis regarding day-to-day objectives to help employees reach their full potential.
Purpose of a formal performance evaluation:
1. To evaluate employee performance and measure actual performance against the requirements
of the job;
2. To provide two-way discussion about job performance and understanding of job requirements;
3. To create awareness of potential and to motivate the employee to improve performance;
4. To establish goals and timetables for improvement and provide feedback on progress toward
achievement of goals;
5. To deal candidly and fairly with marginal or unsatisfactory performance and to establish time
frames for improvement.
On a monthly basis, managers will be notified of employees who are approaching the end of the
evaluation period (i.e., Probation or Anniversary).
Probationary Period Evaluation:
All new hires will be formally evaluated during the initial 90-day probationary period using the approved
Probationary Evaluation Form.
Management staff should complete Evaluations on the affected Employees prior to the end of the
probationary period (generally by Day 80).
If the Employee’s performance and/or behavior is far below the acceptable level and the Evaluator
doubts that significant improvement is possible, the Evaluator should consult with the next level of
management and Human Resources regarding retention of the employee.
Although the purpose of the Performance Evaluation is to provide feedback to the Employee that will
allow him/her to improve performance, unsatisfactory effort or poor performance may result in
termination of employment at any point in the orientation/evaluation period.
Annual Evaluations:
All regular employees will receive an annual Evaluation by the end of the quarter in which their
anniversary falls. (revised 01/01/07)
Off-Cycle Evaluations:
Employees who are interested in being considered for a promotion or a lateral transfer to another
department will be evaluated by their current supervisor as part of the qualification process.
Employees who are promoted or transferred are subject to a ninety (90) probationary period, but will
retain their prior job seniority status in the new position.
Revised 1107


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