How To Make Paper Flower Balls


How to make paper flower balls to increase
bright color in your house
A decoration created by yourself may always bring surprise and excitement to you. Here is a
brief introduction to show you how to make paper flower balls. Also, kids can join in it to build
up their practical ability.
Since the origami is becoming more
and more popular, so I will show you an
origami tutorial---the way to make
paper flower balls, you don’t need
many complex materials. There is
another advantage of doing paper
balls. It can save your cost and energy.
After you finish, you can decorate your
house with the ball.
Things you need while making paper flower balls
Colorful cardboard
How to make paper flower balls:
Step1: Fold into an triangle
1. Take a piece of square paper
and fold the paper into a
triangle. And then you can see
two lines made by folding, you
should do it, too.


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