How To Make 1,000,000 Dollars From Real Estate Investing


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How to Make $1,000,000 From Real
Estate Investing
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Quote: Some people ______ it to happen, some _____ it would happen, and others
________ it happen.
Two methods people use to try and build wealth through real estate:
1.) ____________________ and ____________________
2.) ____________________ and _______________ ________________
5 Assumptions for this plan to work:
1.) Buying incredible ____________ properties with great ________ _________.
2.) Each property cash flows at __________ per unit per month and all cash flow is
_________ and _____________.
3.) Property must be able to be purchased for ________ of the value
4.) Property must be able to be _________ and the value increased _____% during
the first year through _______________ appreciation.
5.) Property will appreciation at ______ % per year after year one.
Quote: A Great Plan Begins with __________ ______________.
“ Your life does not get better by _______ , it gets better by _________.” 
– Jim Rohn
URL for the BiggerPockets Rental Property Software:
"A Year from Now You May Wish You Had Started Today" –Karen Lamb


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