Offer Of Appointment Letter


Offer of Appointment Letter
Offer of appointment as Personal Assistant ref.
Further to your recent interview, I am pleased to offer you employment as a
Personal Assistant on the following terms detailed below:
Your start date is ………
The payrate is £….. per hour
Your normal hours of work will be…. However, you may be required to
work such additional hours as the needs of the employer requires.
You will be entitled to 5.6 weeks holiday per year. A week being the
equivalent of the number of days or hours usually worked in a week
Your employment will initially be for a …. …probationary period, you will
be based at ADDRESS. During this time, the employer will assess your
performance and conduct, and it reserves the right at any time during this
period to terminate your employment with one week’s notice or payment in
lieu thereof, subject to compliance only with the statutory dismissal and
disciplinary procedure. During this period, you are also required to give
one week’s notice if you wish to terminate your employment for whatever
reason. Periods of notice thereafter are set out in full Terms and
Conditions of employment. The employer also reserves the right to extend
your probationary period should it deem this necessary
You may be entitled to statutory sick pay, under the relevant legislation.
This is only payment for sick leave and entitlement is dependent on factors
which include pay and length of incapacity. There is no entitlement to
statutory sick pay for the first (3) days missed through illness.
This offer of employment is conditional on the following documentation being
An Enhanced Disclosure Certificate issued by the Criminal Records Bureau.
Proof of your stated qualifications - please bring these with you on the ……
Evidence of your right to work in the UK – again, please bring an original
document with you on the ………
Copies of the above information will be held on your personnel file.


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