Sample Mortgage Hardship Letter Template


(Use this sample letter to request a hardship variation for your mortgage repayments.
This sample letter is for information only and should not be relied upon as legal advice. Replace
information in square brackets where appropriate.)
[Your street]
[Your suburb and postcode]
[Your phone number]
Hardship Manager
[Name of lender/debt collector]
[Postal address]
[Suburb and postcode]
Dear Hardship Manager,
Subject: Request for mortgage hardship variation
Name: [Your Name]
Account No. [your number]
Contract/Loan No.: [xxxx]
I request a hardship variation to the above home loan pursuant to consumer credit laws due to my
changed circumstances. The change is [explain what has happened eg loss of job, illness}
My change of circumstance has left me in a position of financial hardship. I anticipate I will be able to
comply with my loan if it is altered.
[Choose option A, B or C from the following and delete the others]
I request that you postpone my mortgage payment/s due on [Day] [Month] [201x] so that
it/they will now be due on [Day] [Month] [201x].
I request that you extend the period of the mortgage for [xx] months so that my monthly
payments are reduced to $[xx],
I request that you postpone the mortgage payment/s due on [Day] [Month] [201x] so that
it/they will now be due on [Day] [Month] 201x, and extend the period of the mortgage for [xx] months
to allow me to make the missed payments.
To support this request I have attached details of my income and expenditure to demonstrate that I
will be able to make the changed payments if you are willing to vary my contract. [Don’t forget to do
I request that you do not commence any legal action in relation to this matter until you have
considered my request.
Please contact me by phone if you wish to clarify any aspect of this request. My number is [xxx].
I look forward to your favourable response to my request for a variation to my home loan. If I have not
had a response from you in relation to this request in seven days, I intend to take my request for a
hardship variation of my mortgage to the relevant ombudsman scheme or court without further notice.
Yours faithfully
[Your name and signature]


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