Investigation Report Outline


Investigation report outline
Executive summary
An executive summary is a very concise overview of the investigation from inception through to
the report. It should only contain information, which is in the main body of the report.
 Name(s) or case reference number of subject(s) of complaint
 Date
 Confidentiality statement
 Nature of the complaint and which stipulations of UN rules and Code of Conduct are alleged
to have been breached
 Scope of the investigation (how many complainants, witnesses, subjects etc)
 Brief contextual information e.g. country, refugee camp etc
 The process used during the investigation
 Evidence required
 Interviews conducted
 Any impediments to the investigation i.e. lack of cooperation by subject or unwillingness to
be interviewed by any witnesses
 Take each complaint in turn (if there is more than one) and summarise the evidence given
by all interviewees in respect to each complaint in turn
 Describe other evidence – photos, work logs, emails etc
 Impartially state evidence to support or refute the complaint(s)
 Draw logical and fair conclusions based on the evidence
Conclusions and recommendations
The findings should be clearly stated for each complaint according to the following:
 established by reasonable inference
 not established/substantiated – insufficient or unclear evidence
 not established/substantiated – based on evidence to clear the complainant or to establish
a malicious complaint
Possible outcomes
 Allegations established/substantiated:
o The organisation’s appropriate disciplinary procedures should be pursued by the
disciplinary decision maker – not the investigator
o Investigation report written
o Note in SOC’s human resources file
InterAction 2011. Investigation Report Outline.
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