Form Il-W-4 - Illinois Department Of Revenue - Employee'S And Other Payee'S Illinois Withholding Allowance Certificate Template

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Illinois Department of Revenue
Form IL-W-4
Employee’s and other Payee’s Illinois Withholding
Allowance Certificate and Instructions
How do I figure the correct
effective for the first payment of compensa-
Note: These instructions are written for em-
tion made to you after this form is filed. If
number of allowances?
ployees to address withholding from wages.
you already have a Form IL-W-4 on file with
However, this form can also be completed and
Complete the worksheet on the back of this
this employer, your employer may allow any
submitted to a payor if an agreement was made
page to figure the correct number of allow-
change you file on this form to become effec-
to voluntarily withhold Illinois Income tax from
ances you are entitled to claim. Give your
tive immediately, but is not required by law
other (non-wage) Illinois income.
completed Form IL-W-4 to your employer.
to change your withholding until the first pay-
Keep the worksheet for your records.
Who must complete Form IL-W-4?
ment of compensation is made to you after
the first day of the next calendar quarter (that
If you are an employee, you must complete
If you have more than one job or your
is, January 1, April 1, July 1, or October 1)
this form so your employer can withhold the
spouse works, your withholding usually will
that falls at least 30 days after the date you
correct amount of Illinois Income Tax from
be more accurate if you claim all of your al-
file the change with your employer.
your pay. The amount withheld from your pay
lowances on the Form IL-W-4 for the highest-
Example: If you have a baby and file a
depends, in part, on the number of allow-
paying job and claim zero on all of your other
new Form IL-W-4 with your employer to
ances you claim on this form.
IL-W-4 forms.
claim an additional allowance for the baby,
Even if you claimed exemption from with-
your employer may immediately change
holding on your federal Form W-4, U.S.
How do I avoid underpaying my
the withholding for all future payments of
Employee’s Withholding Allowance Cer-
tax and owing a penalty?
compensation. However, if you file the new
tificate, because you do not expect to
form on September 1, your employer does
You can avoid underpayment by reducing the
owe any federal income tax, you may be
not have to change your withholding until the
number of allowances or requesting that your
required to have Illinois Income Tax with-
first payment of compensation is made to
employer withhold an additional amount from
held from your pay (see Publication 130,
you after October 1. If you file the new form
your pay. Even if your withholding covers
Who is Required to Withhold Illinois In-
on September 2, your employer does not
the tax you owe on your wages, if you have
come Tax). If you are claiming exempt
have to change your withholding until the first
non-wage income that is taxable, such as
status from Illinois withholding, you must
payment of compensation made to you after
interest on a bank account or dividends on
check the exempt status box on Form
December 31.
an investment, you may have additional tax
IL-W-4 and sign and date the certificate. Do
liability. If you owe more than $500 tax at the
not complete Lines 1 through 3.
How long is Form IL-W-4 valid?
end of the year, you may owe a late-payment
If you are a resident of Iowa, Kentucky,
Your Form IL-W-4 remains valid until a new
penalty or will be required to make estimated
Michigan, or Wisconsin, or a military spouse,
form you have submitted takes effect or until
tax payments. For additional information
see Form W-5-NR, Employees Statement of
on penalties see Publication 103, Uniform
your employer is required by the Department
Nonresidence in Illinois, to determine if you
to disregard it. Your employer is required to
Penalties and Interest. Visit our website at
are exempt.
disregard your Form IL-W-4 if to obtain a copy.
If you do not file a completed Form
you claim total exemption from Illinois
IL-W-4 with your employer, if you fail to sign
Where do I get help?
Income Tax withholding, but you have
the form or to include all necessary informa-
not filed a federal Form W-4 claiming
• Visit our website at
tion, or if you alter the form, your employer
total exemption, or
• Call our Taxpayer Assistance Division
must withhold Illinois Income Tax on the
at 1 800 732-8866 or 217 782-3336
the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has
entire amount of your compensation, without
• Call our TDD (telecommunications
instructed your employer to disregard
allowing any exemptions.
device for the deaf) at 1 800 544-5304
your federal Form W-4.
• Write to
When must I submit this form?
What is an “exemption”?
You should complete this form and give it
PO BOX 19044
An “exemption” is a dollar amount on which
to your employer on or before the date you
you do not have to pay Illinois Income Tax
start work. You must submit Form IL-W-4
that you may claim on your Illinois Income
when Illinois Income Tax is required to be
tax return.
withheld from compensation that you receive
What is an “allowance”?
as an employee. You may file a new Form
IL-W-4 any time your withholding allowances
The dollar amount that is exempt from
increase. If the number of your claimed al-
Illinois Income Tax is based on the number
lowances decreases, you must file a new
of allowances you claim on this form. As an
Form IL-W-4 within 10 days. However, the
employee, you receive one allowance unless
death of a spouse or a dependent does not
you are claimed as a dependent on another
affect your withholding allowances until the
person’s tax return (e.g., your parents claim
next tax year.
you as a dependent on their tax return). If
you are married, you may claim additional
When does my Form IL-W-4
allowances for your spouse and any depen-
take effect?
dents that you are entitled to claim for federal
If you do not already have a Form IL-W-4
income tax purposes. You also will receive
on file with your employer, this form will be
additional allowances if you or your spouse
are age 65 or older, or if you or your spouse
are legally blind.
IL-W-4 (R-12/14)


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