100+ Printable Christmas Coloring Pages For Kids Of All Ages


Everyone is excited about the Christmas holidays – especially the kids. Christmas coloring sheets are a wonderful idea for keeping your children busy and entertained this holiday season. Coloring sheets for kids are a fun activity that can help your preschooler to master many precision finger and hand movements through drawing.

Introducing coloring pages at a children's party or in class could also be an excellent icebreaker activity for preschoolers and younger kids.

Check out the links below to find lots of free Christmas coloring sheets for kids. Choose from a variety of festive-themed fun - elves, Santa Claus and reindeer - and print the ones you like the most.

83 Christmas Coloring Sheets


These Christmas coloring pages are guaranteed to boost your kids’ holiday spirits! They are good for children of all ages – you might want to print a whole pack all at once. Choose from hundreds of familiar Christmas-themed designs perfect for those winter evenings. You can decorate your kids' room with their own colorful creations or give away as a little novelty gift to a relative – either way, your children are definitely going to enjoy it.

44 Santa Clause Coloring Sheets


There is no Christmas without Santa! Your kids will love coloring Santa Clause in a variety of Christmas-themed situations – preparing the gifts, laughing with his little helpers, driving a sleigh or just smiling. Check out the link and print out your favorite Santa!

6 Festive Christmas Ornaments Coloring Sheets


Festive ornamental coloring pages for kids are great for improving their creativity, imagination and abstract thinking and they're great for kids of all ages! These printables can be used as part of a Christmas-themed craft project: carefully cut out the shapes after your kids color in the ornaments and hang them around the house. Another neat idea is to use them to make a wintery garland – the whole family will have fun crafting and you'll love seeing your creation on your fireplace mantel!

4 Christmas Stocking Coloring Sheets


Putting stockings on the fireplace is probably the most loved Christmas traditions and also a great theme for a coloring project. Our Christmas stocking coloring pages are perfect for the younger kids – they're the most excited to find a present in the stocking on Christmas morning! Browse the link below and pick out your favorite stocking coloring sheet with your children – they will have a great time with the Christmas-y designs.

6 Christmas Elf Coloring Sheets


Santa is already preparing for Christmas and we shouldn’t forget about his little fellow helpers! Elf-themed coloring sheets are going to be a lot of fun for your youngins and the whole family. Boost their imagination, painting skills and creativity with the small details and intricate designs. Some coloring sheets are customizable - add any extra decorations or presents to make the perfect coloring project.

4 Christmas Tree Coloring Sheets


Nothing boosts the holiday spirit like a tall, green and beautiful Christmas tree. There is no need to wait until there's an actual tree in your house with these festive Christmas tree printables. Improve your kids' creative skills while they enjoy coloring in a well-known festive symbol. They can design the decorations for the tree themselves – it is going to be their personal work of art.

3 Santa's Reindeer Coloring Sheets


There is no way we could get our Christmas presents delivered without Santa's reindeer! Kids love those little red-nosed helpers and coloring them in will bring your little ones a lot of joy and fun.

Let your kids decide the kind of reindeer they want to come to your house at Christmas Eve – why not go for blue, or green, or even pink! Check out our reindeer Christmas coloring pages and print the ones you like hassle-free and from the comfort of your home.