Top 50+ Printable Christmas Cards To Send This Holiday Season


Who wouldn’t like to receive a special little holiday card made specifically for them - or to make one to give to a friend? Make your Christmas celebration stylish and unforgettable with our collection of free printable Christmas cards and invitations.

You don’t have to spend half of the family budget on buying expensive cards – put your savings towards other holiday purchases. Ready-made printable Christmas cards will not only save your money but also save you the time you could spend figuring out the design all by yourself. Check out the links below for a burst of inspiration for your holiday invitations. No need to wait until your cards are made or go somewhere to pick them up – these cards can be easily customized and printed at home within seconds. There’s still plenty of space for creativity left – you can add something unique to every card and fulfil your Christmas fantasies.

15 Santa Clause Christmas Cards


Here he is - the well-loved red-cheeked hero of Christmas. It's Santa Claus and he is wishing you and all of your loved ones a Merry Christmas! You can customize this Santa Christmas card with your family photo, your own invitation text or your children’ drawings to make it extra special for your family and friends – choose your own way to make the card unique. Start the holiday season with a little bit of Christmas magic – check out the link for your free copy.

5 Nutcracker Seasons Greetings Cards


Which fairytale character comes to mind when the second you think about Christmas Eve? It's the Nutcracker. Introduce your kids to the story with some Nutcracker-themed Christmas cards. They will love learning about the funny-looking on their cards! If they are familiar with the fairytale already, this would be an excellent reason to reread it together to get into that special holiday mood.

4 Gingerbread Man Christmas Cards


He is sweet, he is cute and he is wishing you a Merry Christmas! This fun Gingerbread man holiday card is perfect for sending cheery and festive greetings to all of your loved ones. You can customize this card to add an extra-special touch of your own individuality. Add a photo, a drawing or a text of yours to let the receiving side feel your love and care.

Click on the link and choose out of our four gingerbread man Christmas cards for all of your friends. These are definitely going to be a hoot with the little ones – the Gingerbread man is friendly, fun and cute.

6 Festive Christmas Ornaments Cards


Festive and colorful Christmas ornaments create a simple and sophisticated design. This festive card is especially cheerful, bright and great for inviting your friends to your Christmas party!

Send this card to someone who is currently far away as a little reminder that you love and care. Feel free to add a personal touch with some festive decor - this card is easily customizable.

5 Santa's Reindeer Christmas Cards


How would the nice kids around the world get their Christmas presents without Santa’s reindeer? Check out our reindeer-themed Christmas card – your guests are definitely going to love the stylish and fun design. Use it as an invitation card or as a postcard to go along with your Christmas presents.

You don’t have to stress yourself out with a last-minute search for cards at all the nearest store when you can print as many cards as you like at home within minutes.

50 Fillable Christmas Party Invitation Cards

Fillable Christmas Party Invitation Cards

If you are not a big fan of hand-written invites or just not feeling too confident about your handwriting, this festive card is just the right choice for you. Save yourself the time and trouble by filling out the necessary information on the card using your computer. Just add the place, time and date of your part and print as many cards as you need.