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Subject: Strengthen the U.S. Government’s efforts to help ending preventable
child and maternal deaths.
Dear Member of Congress:
Since 1990, deaths of mSothers and children under 5 worldwide have been nearly cut in half. This is one
of the greatest success stories in international development in the last 25 years. In partnership with
UNICEF, and with the strong support of Congress, the U.S. Government contributed greatly to this
progress by increasing access to lifesaving vaccines, quality nutrition, skilled birth attendants, and other
cost-effective interventions.
Despite this incredible progress, 16,000 children die every day -- mostly from preventable and treatable
causes such as pneumonia, diarrhea and malaria; and nearly 300,000 women die annually due to
complications during pregnancy or childbirth.
The United States committed to help end preventable child and maternal deaths within a generation.
Bipartisan legislation, the Reach Every Mother and Child Act (S. 1911 / H.R. 3706), would provide the
strategy and leadership needed to reach that goal. The legislation requires a U.S. government strategy to
help end preventable maternal, newborn and child deaths in a generation, focusing on the poorest and
most vulnerable populations; ensures coordination among U.S. government agencies to maximize the
effectiveness of U.S. programs; and creates innovative, public-private financing mechanisms to help fund
these efforts.
I support the goal of ending preventable child and maternal deaths, and I believe the U.S. must continue
to play a leadership role. Please co-sponsor S.1911 / H.R. 3706 today.
Thank you for your consideration,
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