Campus Interview Visit: Sample Letter To Candidate Page 2


- Please provide a brief biography and titled-abstract of your seminar to me by email
Your biography should include your name, (PhD) degree field, degree
date, degree institution, current employment title and current employer and be roughly
150 words in length. Your abstract should be a 1-2 paragraph (approximately 300 words)
summary of your seminar. This information will be utilized to advertise your campus
Visit: Hotel, Travel, Transportation
Upon confirmation of your arrival and departure dates I will initiate your hotel
reservation at the XXXX Hotel. Please email your dates to:
A hotel
confirmation will be emailed to you subsequently. Information about the hotel, including
a map, is available at:
- If traveling by air, please make your reservations as soon as possible to obtain the best
rate. We strongly recommend flying into San Jose Airport (SJC). We can reimburse
only coach class tickets. Drive times from the airports to the UCSC area are as follows:
San Jose airport -45 minutes, San Francisco airport- 90 minutes, Oakland airport -90
- If you need a rental car, please arrange that yourself. Please note that you should check
with your personal insurance coverage to see if rental cars are covered. If your policy
does not cover rental cars, you should consider the optional insurance waiver offered by
the rental agency, but this is unfortunately not a reimbursable expense.
- If you prefer to be met by an airport shuttle and driven to Santa Cruz, please let us know
in advance. We will then arrange for transportation between your hotel and the campus.
Use of airport shuttle increases driving time 1 – 2 hours.
- If you elect to drive your own vehicle, you will be reimbursed for your mileage. Please
note your mileage before you leave for UCSC. Mileage is reimbursed at $XXXX per
mile. Please note also that your vehicle license number is required on the travel expense
form for mileage reimbursements.
- Meals and Incidental Expenses: Meals and incidentals must not exceed $XX per day.
Meal reimbursement for one-day travel is limited to $XX per day.
- Upon checkout from the hotel, please review an itemized copy of your hotel bill. You
will be responsible for paying for any incidentals—i.e., room service, movie rental, etc.
incurred during your stay at checkout. The cost of the room (only) will be directly billed
to our department.
- When you are here, we will go over the paperwork needed for travel reimbursement or
this can be done upon your return home. Please save all original receipts and tickets
whenever possible. This includes receipts from airline tickets, rental car, parking, any
meals or incidentals, etc.


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