Master'S Thesis And Phd Dissertation Evaluation Form Page 2


Descriptive Anchors
5 High Pass
Includes clear description of the issue, identifies gaps in scientific knowledge and/or provides strong justification
for the current research study. Clarifies study question and, when relevant, provides clear defendable
3 Pass
Research questions clearly articulated and sufficient background information included.
1 No Pass
Lacks a focused research question and importance is not justified. Topic outside of skill set or knowledge.
5 High Pass
Identifies relevant research and literature and accurately summarizes and integrates the information.
3 Pass
Cites major works and places them in context.
Literature Review
1 No Pass
Fails to cite or assimilate previous works.
5 High Pass
Shows understanding of one or more theories, and uses theory to generate hypothesis or to make the problem
area more understandable.
3 Pass
Shows a solid understanding and application of theory.
1 No Pass
Theoretical framework is lacking or is not clearly linked to the research problem.
5 High Pass
Demonstrates clear understanding and proper use of methodology, identifies relevant strengths and weaknesses
of methods used.
3 Pass
Demonstrates proficient knowledge of methodology and gives justification for selection of methods.
1 No Pass
The methodology is not appropriate for study and understanding is not demonstrated.
5 High Pass
Results interpreted in light of proposed research question and existing literature. Includes alternative
explanations and instructional tables and graphs.
Presentation of
3 Pass
Results clearly summarized, discussion of results focused and tied to research question.
1 No Pass
Presentation lacks focus, tables are unorganized, and results produce no insight into proposed question.
5 High Pass
Clearly summarizes the key information gained from the study and describes advancement of knowledge or new
insights on an issue. Sophisticated discussion of implications of findings for outreach, theory, and research.
3 Pass
Discussion of results focused and connected to research questions. Implications for future research discussed.
1 No Pass
The new knowledge gained from the study and implications of the study are not clearly discussed.
5 High Pass
Ideas expressed with exceptional clarity, logic, and conciseness.
3 Pass
Coherent presentation with limited typos and grammatical errors. Logical progression of thought within overall
thesis and within each section.
Quality of Writing
1 No Pass
Significant parts difficult to understand, numerous errors. Repetition, poor organization of ideas, and poor writing
hinders reader understanding.
5 High Pass
Engaging, polished presentation with well crafted slides that illustrate key points and emphasize conclusions.
Provided accurate, clear, and complete responses to questions regarding theories, research methods/study
design/statistics, and implications related to the study and broader topic area. Unexpected questions about the
topic are answered with concise, coherent answers that draw upon knowledge of the field and one's research
Oral Presentation
and Defense
3 Pass
Solid presentation with coherent narrative and conclusions. Mastery of the topic is shown by ability to answer
unexpected questions about the topic.
1 No Pass
Too much or too little detail, goals and directions not clear, order of slides not logical; poor slides; or reads
directly from many slides. Difficulty in answering questions and conversing about the topic in ways that show an
easy familiarity and mastery of the topic.
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