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remain with the seller and may not be utilized by the Purchaser, or at the Purchaser's direction, unless otherwise
specified in this Contract.
13. ZONE COMPLETION. The Purchaser agrees to complete all operations on each portion of the sale area or
each zone as designated on the sale area map, or other attachments or in the cutting requirements before
beginning cutting in the next portion or zone, unless agreed to otherwise by the Seller.
14. FOREST FIRE PREVENTION. The Purchaser agrees to take reasonable precautions to prevent the starting and
spreading of fires. Those precautions include, but are not limited to:
A minimum of one fully charged 5 pound or larger ABC fire extinguisher with a flexible spout shall be
carried on each off-road logging vehicle.
b. All chainsaws and all non-turbocharged off-road logging equipment used in the operation shall be equipped
with spark arrestors which have been approved by the U.S. Forest Service. Such arrestors may not be
altered in any manner or removed and shall be properly maintained. (Information on approved arrestors
may be obtained from the Seller.)
If a fire occurs, the Purchaser agrees to promptly cooperate in the control and suppression of the fire.
d. The Purchaser shall comply with requests regarding forest fire prevention and suppression made by the
Seller and take all reasonable precautions to prevent, suppress and report forest fires. Those requests may
include ceasing or modifying operations.
The Purchaser shall be responsible for damage and forest fire suppression costs, including that provided in
ss. 26.14 and 26.21, Wis. Stats., caused by their operation under this Contract.
15. TRAINING REQUIREMENT. The Purchaser shall ensure that at least one in woods person actively engaged
in performance of this contract and responsible for the logging site complies with the Wisconsin SFI
(Sustainable Forestry Initiative) Training Standard as adopted by the Wisconsin SFI Implementation Committee
(SCI). Criteria for the standard can be found at the website
or by contacting the Forest Industry Safety & Training Alliance (FISTA). Purchaser agrees to provide
documentation to Seller that the training has been attained prior to initiating sale.
16. SLASH. Slash as defined in s. 26.12, Wis. Stats., shall be disposed of as follows:
Slash falling in any lake or stream, in a right-of-way or on land of an adjoining landowner shall be
immediately removed from the waters, right-of-way or adjoining land. Tops from felled trees may not be
left hanging in standing trees. All trees shall be completely felled and not left leaning or hanging in other
b. Other:
The Purchaser shall remove, to the satisfaction of the seller, all equipment, tools, solid waste, oil filters,
grease cartridges, trash and debris remaining on the sale area or Seller's property upon completion of
performance under this Contract, termination of this Contract due to breach by the Purchaser or when
requested by the Seller.
b. No residence, dwelling, permanent structure, or improvement may be established or constructed on the sale
area or other property of the Seller.
The Purchaser agrees to properly use and dispose of all petroleum products, including but not limited to oil,
hydraulic fuel and diesel fuel. Any on-site spillage must be properly removed and cleaned up by the
Purchaser to the satisfaction of the Seller.
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