Serving Other Souls Event Vendor Form


Serving Other Souls, Inc.
Serving the needy souls
712 Anderson Avenue
of the world while we
Pittsburgh, PA 15239
increase empathy and
decrease apathy in our
student members
Phone: 412-496-8994
training to become
501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization EIN #:45-3541551
Serving Other Souls Event Vendor Form
Serving Other Souls thanks you for considering becoming a vendor for one of our upcoming
events. Serving Other Souls charges a table fee to our vendors to increase the overall
donation that can be made to the souls or organizations in need of financial assistance. Our
standard table fee for events is $25. We also ask each vendor to consider a good-will offering
in addition to the table fee. The good-will offering is a percentage of the vendor’s purse that is
offered to the event to boost donation totals. You can drop off any additional donation to the
event banker at the event. The good-will offering is optional and is not required.
Your table will be an outside table. SOS will provide the table, but remember to plan for
the weather. We have moved vendors outside to create a festival atmosphere on the back
patio of the ski lodge, but please consider the weather and bring a tent to protect your wares
or products that you will be selling. This event will be conducted in the sunshine or rain,
and there are no refunds on vendor spots if weather is rainy. Therefore, only vendors that
are willing to accept this risk should apply to sell their items at our SOS event. If you are
interested in becoming a vendor based on these details, please complete the form below and
send the form with a check made out to Serving Other Souls for your table(s) fee.
SOS Event:______Miles of Smiles 5K________________
Vendor Name:___________________________________
Company Name:_________________________________
Vendor Address:_________________________________
Vendor Phone:___________________________________
Vendor Email:____________________________________
Number of tables requested: ____X $25 = $________
Check Amount: $__________ Check #:_________
Table #: ________ (Leave this blank, SOS use only)


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