Teaching Cover Letter


Your First and Last Name
Your Present Address
City, State Zip Code
(two spaces)
Ms./Mr. Employer Name
Name of School
Mailing Address
City, State Zip Code
(two spaces)
Dear Ms./Mr. _________:
(To the Hiring Manager or To the Selection Committee are appropriate alternatives if you do
not know the individual’s name)
Opening Paragraph - Tell why you are writing. Name the particular grade level (e.g. first
grade) or the general range (e.g. high school) that you want to teach. Briefly explain how you
heard of the opening or the organization. Mention a contact name if you have one. Express your
enthusiasm and interest for this teaching opportunity.
Middle Paragraph(s) - Explain why your skills and previous teaching experience align with that
particular job opening. Tell why you are interested in that district or school in particular. The
cover letter is the place to "sell" your skills and abilities to a potential employer. Support your
claims with specific examples of curriculum design, classroom instruction, or student
Closing Paragraph - Refer the reader to the enclosed application form or resume and offer
to provide any additional information or materials the employer would like to see. Restate how
interested you are in the position and that you look forward to speaking with them soon. Express
your hope that they will give you the opportunity to add value to their organization or to
demonstrate your teaching ability. Thank them for taking the time to consider your application.
(quadruple space)
(Your handwritten signature - black ink)
Type your first and last name
(List any enclosures, e.g. resume)
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