Cover Letter Writing - Introduction


Cover Letter Writing - Introduction
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Purpose of Cover Letter:
A cover letter is your introduction to an employer. In this letter, you should briefly describe your -interest in a
position and summarize your qualifications.
A Few Guidelines:
Anytime you mail your resume it should be accompanied by a cover letter.
Always send your cover letter to a specific person, if at all possible. (Call the company or organization
and ask to whom it should be addressed). Be as concise as possible.
A separate letter should be written for each position for which you apply. Cover letters should be
tailored for each position, just as you tailor your resume for each position.
Sample Cover Letter:
922 Tiger Drive
Clemson, SC 29634
May 1, 2001
Mr. Tom Smith
Director of Human Resources
First National Bank of Clemson 2001
Tiger Boulevard
Clemson, SC 29633
Dear Mr. Smith:
Tell Mr. Smith why you are writing. If you are applying for a position, tell him how you learned about
the position (through a personal contact, an advertisement the company's web site, the Career Center,
In the second paragraph, describe your interest and knowledge of the company or organization, and
show how you are qualified for the position. Elaborate on information in your resume, but do not repeat
it. Be concise and give specific examples of your skills. For example, "As you can see from my resume,
I have three years of experience in management'.
In the final paragraph, ask for an interview. Ask Mr. Smith to call you at his earliest convenience, or say
that you will call in one week to schedule a time to meet with him. Thank him for his time and
(Your signature here)
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