Form Id-5dol - Request For Photo Id Card - New York State Department Of Labor


New York State Department of Motor Vehicles
If you don’t already have a NYS Driver License or Non-Driver ID
Your new photo identification card from the Department of Labor will be provided by the NYS Department of
Motor Vehicles (DMV). To do this, DMV must take your picture.
a valid NYS Driver License or Non-Driver ID Card with a photo, please refer to your
If you already have
Department of Labor application for instructions.
a valid NYS Driver License or Non-Driver ID Card with a photo, you must visit a DMV
If you do not have
office to have your picture taken. Bring this form and proof of your name, date of birth, and signature to the
DMV office (see “Identification Requirements” below). After reviewing your proofs, a DMV staff member
will take your picture and give you a receipt. Your receipt will have a 9-digit ID number assigned by DMV.
Write that number on your Department of Labor application.
If you want, you can apply for a NYS Non-Driver ID Card when you have your picture taken at the DMV office.
Before DMV can take your photo, you must provide proof of name, and proof of date of birth. All proofs must be
original documents or documents certified by the agency that issued them. At least one proof must show your
signature. Photocopies are not acceptable. Documents of the same type count as only one proof (for example, two
or more credit cards count as only one credit card). For a list of acceptable documents for proof of identity and proof
of date of birth, see DMV form ID-44.
DMV will not accept documents with alterations or erasures. Any such documents may be confiscated.
Warning -
Presenting fraudulent documents may also result in criminal prosecution.
Date of Birth
The NYS Department of Labor referred this customer to DMV for an Image Capture Only (ICO) transaction.
(Reminder: The ICO is a no-fee transaction.) If the customer only needs an ICO for the Department of Labor’s
ID card, an MV-44 application is not needed. However, if the customer also wants to obtain a Non-Driver ID
Card, have him/her complete an MV-44, and process as usual.
In either case, review the customer’s proofs of name, date of birth and signature for acceptability. Identify the
proofs the customer provides by checking them on an ID-44. Print the customer’s name, date of birth, and sex
in the spaces above. Staple the office copy of the FS-6T to this page and to the ID-44 (and to the MV-44 if one
is needed), and place the pages in your batch paperwork. Tell the customer to keep his/her copy of the FS-6T,
because he/she will need the client ID# that is printed on the FS-6T.
ID-5DOL (3/03)


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