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Notice of Intention to Vacate
The fixed term of the lease at the property below has expired.
No & Street: ___________________________________________________________________________
Suburb: _____________________________________State:___________Postcode:________________
I/We (Name(s))
now give Wright Dunn Real Estate 21 days’ notice of my/our intention to vacate the premises. (21 days
taken from the first business day notice is received.)
I/we understand that we will receive from our Property Manager at Wright Dunn Real Estate a
comprehensive list of our responsibilities and requirements for the final inspection and end of our tenancy.
I/We will vacate the property on
. I/we understand that I/we are responsible for the cost
of any work undertaken by Wright Dunn Real Estate to restore the premises to a similar condition as at the
start of the lease.
Current contact details
Primary contact person:
Business hours telephone:
Email:__________ _____________________________________________________________________
Forwarding address:
Number & Street:__ ______________________________________________________
I/we understand and agree that Wright Dunn Real Estate will have access to the property to undertake a final
inspection and for inspection by prospective new tenants pursuant to Clause 80 of the Standard Residential
Tenancy Terms of the Residential Tenancies Act (ACT).
I/we confirm that each of the tenants named on the property lease agree with the terms of this notice and
date for vacating the property.
Signed: _______________________________
Signed: ____________________________
Name: ________________________________
Name: _____________________________
Date: _________________________________
Date: ______________________________


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